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Notifications and Updates

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe in what are difficult and uncertain times.
We would like to let you know that we are currently operating as normal and delivering books as usual.
The situation with COVID-19 is ever-changing and could change at any time. We will keep you up to date should any of our operations change.

To ensure we minimise risk to employees and contribute to 'flattening the curve' in the growth of COVID-19 infections, the majority of the Boomerang Books team are now working from home. Those few who remain onsite to support critical business operations are practising social distancing.

We want to inform you that in spite of now operating on a skeleton staffing basis in our Sydney office and warehouse we are fully operable and open for business to support your queries, and order fulfilment needs. We are continuing to monitor the impact and development of the Coronavirus on a daily basis.

Boomerang Books is committed to maintaining our high-quality service with minimal disruption. Our people remain accessible via email, phone and online, there may be slight delays in customer service queries.

Australia Post and Delivery Delays

Australia Post have advised of significant delays in delivering parcels to all metro and regional areas.
Airlines have stopped almost all domestic flights and this has reduced the freight capacity available. This means that more parcels are traveling by road with longer transit times. Congestion in freight sorting facilities due to very high volumes of parcels means there may be delays in updates on the tracking of parcels.
Customers should allow an additional 5 to 7 days for delivery once the order is shipped.

Supply Chain Delays

The current situation in other countries is adding delivery delays for Australian book distributors, access to flights and lock-downs means that there are disruptions in stock availability. We will endeavour to communicate any known delays to effected customers. Currently all stock from the UK is experiencing long delays.